Principal Investigator:

luc+bussiere_373_180x180_CONTENTLuc F. Bussière (Gothenburg University)
(email: luc(dot)bussiere(at)

Gothenburg team:

Ahmed Ez, Postdoc (from 12/21) on evolution in fluctuating landscapes
Hadis Mostafanezhad, PhD student (from 11/21) quantitative genetics of biopesticide resistance
William Tejler, Masters project on decadal and seasonal changes in forest elephant diet
Filip Myllyaho, Masters project on swarming behaviour of dagger flies
Rickard Tornroos, Bachelors project on sex-differences in mortality of dagger flies

Gothenburg alumni:

Benjamin Jauffret, Erasmus intern studying mating and swarming in dagger flies
Yolanda Itzel Cordova Delgado, Erasmus intern studying comparative morphology in dagger flies

Postdocs in Stirling:

Rosie Mangan
Danielle MacKenzie

Technician in Stirling

James Neate

PhD Students in Stirling:

John Paterson, studying phenological shifts in pollinators and plants
Joshua Bauld, studying sex differences in dietary niche
Rose McKeon, studying the genetics of pathogen-induced evolutionary change 

Lab Alumni:

Elizabeth Herridge, now with Health and Social Care Analytical Services, Scottish Government
Rosalind Murray, now in Toronto 
Thomas Houslay, now in Cambridge
Ellie Rotheray, now in Sussex
Ester Ferrari, now with the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority, TEAGASC
Diana Valero-Lopez, now with James Hutton Institute

Some collaborators on recent or ongoing work:


David Lehmann


Yelitza Colmenarez
Natália Corniani
Steve Edgington
Belinda Luke


Ricardo Polanczyk


Jason Newton


Katharine Abernethy
Nils Bunnefeld
Brad Duthie
Matthew Tinsley

Darryl Gwynne


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