Our research

We are interested in many aspects of evolution, including the effects of variable selection as both cause and consequence of diversity. Differences in selection shape the diverse adaptations that represent the fundamental challenge to evolutionary biologist: how can we explain the remarkable variety of life on earth?

We do both pure science, to explore the nature of variable selection and its consequences on genetic and phenotypic variation in remarkable animals like dance flies, hover flies, and  mandrills. We also do applied work that exploits lessons from fundamental science to develop more sustainable approaches to the control of agricultural pests, which have proven to be evolutionarily formidable enemies in our quests to meet sustainable development goals.

We work across boundaries within the biological sciences (using behavioural, ecological, physiological, genetic and life history perspectives) and have links with researchers studying agronomy, microbiology, ecological theory, microtechnology and the social science of behavioural change.

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