Science Cake!

Science Cake is a casual biweekly nerdfest, a meeting of BES researchers broadly interested in evolution and ecology. Every other week, we meet over beverages to chat about science. The idea is that everyone who comes along is expected to bring a single interesting science story or question, which may come from his or her own research, from a scientific journal, or even from the popular media (although I’m very predictable in asking anyone who talks about a popular media story to also bring along the original research). You can ask for help, feedback, or just share your fascination with the latest new thing — the idea is to engender deeper thinking about our research, in a format that is casual while still being instructive. Sometimes we have managed to solve problems, while other times we successfully exposed new problems that we didn’t even know about before. The philosophizing can be quick and biting, or long and difficult. Sometime we move through several contributions in quick succession, while other times we get stuck into a thorny problem that needs a lot of collective focus. Whatever happens, there’s always cake (if you’re into that sort of thing) to help the discussion along.

We meet at every other Thursday at 2 PM, usually in room 4U5 of the Cottrell Building. See you there!

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