Research Group Meeting Nov. 12, 2013

For the second consecutive week, we were forced to relocate from the Wallace Pub on account of renovations. Instead we met at the Meadowpark. After dealing with minor matters related to our own research projects, we discussed the organization of a new initiative for the research group: Journal Pub (aka Beer Review).

As part of an effort to catch up to some of the information age, we’re devoting ourselves to collectively reading some new and classic papers in several corners of evolutionary biology. We’ll organize our efforts using the newest page on our website: Journal Pub. Navigate there to learn about the topics and papers under discussion prior to a particular Journal Pub session, or go there after a session to see the brief written summaries of the papers as well as some annotations of our discussions on each of them. So there’s a bit of wrangling ahead to wrap our heads around a lot of difficult concepts, but it’s exciting to think that we might collectively learn about some very big and important ideas rather productively and quickly.

The first Journal Pub (location TBC) will occur on Nov 26. I have taken the liberty to assign responsibility for chief and adjunct reviewers of each paper, though naturally anyone can read more than the focal assigned papers. Looking forward to the discussions!

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