Tom’s topical podcast promulgation*

Given that Gregor brought along a paper from Andrew Jackson’s group to discuss at Science Drinks recently, I thought that it would be a good time for me (Tom) to start pushing my podcast on here, as the most recent guest was Dr Jackson himself!

The podcast is called Breaking Bio, and I co-host it alongside several other biology PhD students and postdocs scattered across the globe; it is a highly unprofessional, disorganised and low-budget affair that nonetheless seems to attract some pretty amazing scientists and science communicators to chat with us about their work. Previous guests that may be of interest to readers here include Ben Wegener on squid sex and spermatophores, our very own Stu Auld talking parasites, Michael Whitehead chatting deceptive orchid sex, Mike Kasumovic discussing everything from cricket sex to spider dancing (with interludes for academic beards and video game research), and Luc’s postdoc supervisor Rob Brooks making an appearance on one of our earliest episodes to tell us all about his new book and varied career (until I asked him about stuff that he didn’t really remember doing and it was all rather embarrassing for everyone, but mostly me).

You can find all the episodes at the BreakingBio website, or alternatively ‘like’ our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for updates! The podcast is available on video via YouTube, or – if you don’t want to look at our horrible pale scientist faces or see into anyone’s grotty bedroom – the audio versions can be downloaded from iTunes.

With that, I’ll leave you to ‘enjoy’ the episode with Andrew Jackson. Any comments, requests for guests (or offers to be a guest) are all gratefully received!

* after the previous post, I’m hoping to continue some kind of semi-alliterative title ante…

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